A Second Letter To Malatesta

In response to A Reply to Nestor Makhno. Published in Le Libertaire, 9 August 1930.

Dear comrade,

I waited to read a Russian translation of your letter before replying to you in turn.  In your letter you say that before getting into an argument, something I might say I had not thought to do, you would like me to set out my ideas on anarchism.  I will therefore explain these ideas and, at the same time, the causes to which I attribute the weakness of our movement.

As any anarchist, I reject authority in general, I am an adversary of all organisation based on centralism, I recognize neither the State nor its legislative apparatus, I am a convinced enemy of bourgeois democracy and parliamentarianism – considering this social form to be an obstacle to the liberation of the workers – in a word, I rise up against any regime based on the exploitation of the workers.

So, anarchism for me is a revolutionary social doctrine that must inspire the exploited and oppressed.  However, in my opinion, anarchism does not at present possess all the means it requires to carry out even one social action; hence the swamp in which we find ourselves.  And we will not be able to remedy the situation by remaining as we are now. Continue reading “A Second Letter To Malatesta”