Against Monarchy: A Call to All Progressive People

This article was widely diffused in Italy in 1899, following the massacres and condemnations which happened the previous year. The aim was to spread the idea of the union of all anti-monarchy parties aiming for insurrection against the monarchy, without renouncing principles of each individual party, and without commitment to what each will want to do after the fall of the monarchy. Here is a substantial part of it.

Facing the brutality of certain situations every discussion must be interrupted: we need to act. When a man falls into the water and drowns, we cannot spend time discussing why he fell and how to avoid him falling again: it is urgent to get him out of the water and prevent his death. When a country is invaded by a savage horde that insults, rapes and massacres all inhabitants, the first thing to do is to throw the invader out, for no matter how big the wrong-doing of each citizen may be [?] the aspirations of the different parties.

This is the situation in Italy today: a country occupied by the military, where all the inhabitants of every class – except the camorra which surrounds the government and sustains it because it draws its life from it – are threatened, offended in their freedom and possessions and exposed to the most violent arrogance on the part of the soldiers. What party, unable to attack the enemy alone, would condemn itself and the population to the indefinite perpetration of its slavery, rather than uniting with adverse parties and find the strength to win in the union? Continue reading “Against Monarchy: A Call to All Progressive People”