The Republic of the Boys and that of the Bearded Men

Dated 5 January 1884. Republished in The Method of Freedom: An Errico Malatesta Reader

About fifteen years ago,[1] this writer was a youngster studying rhetoric and Roman history, Greek, Latin, and Giobertian philosophy.[2]

Despite the best efforts of my teachers, schooling did not managed to stifle my nature and, in the stultifying, corruptive modern high school setting, I managed to keep my mind wholesome and my heart unblemished.

By nature affectionate and impassioned, I dreamed of an ideal world in which all would love one another and be happy. Whenever I wearied of daydreams, I succumbed to reality, took a look around me, and saw: here, someone shivering from cold and hunger and meekly seeking alms in the shape of a crust of bread; there, some children crying; and over yonder, some men mouthing curses; and my heart froze in horror. Continue reading “The Republic of the Boys and that of the Bearded Men”